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The PLU School of Business Welcomes New Faculty Members

Nancy Albers-Miller

Dr. Nancy D. Albers-Miller became Dean of the School of Business at Pacific Lutheran University in 2013. Prior to joining PLU, she served as Chair and Professor of Marketing at Berry College and Associate Professor at University of North Texas. Dr. Albers-Miller has taught a wide range of Marketing classes, including topics such as research methods, experimental design, international and global marketing, travel and tourism, strategy, marketing management, social media and electronic marketing, events, sports and arts marketing and advertising. Additionally, she has taught a variety of other business classes including statistics, career management and introductory computing. She has frequently participated in study-abroad programs and new-student seminars. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Albers-Miller worked in industrial distribution, industrial sales, international marketing and retail.

Dr. Albers-Miller has an accomplished publication record, primarily in the areas of cross-cultural values and ethics, consumer decision-making and pedagogy. Her research has appeared in Journal of Advertising, International Marketing Review, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Bank Marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Education and Marketing Education Review, among others. She has persistently engaged undergraduate and master’s students in her research agenda. She has contributed dozens of studies, co-authored with student scholars, to regional, national and international academic conferences.

Gaurav Gupta

Dr. Gaurav Gupta is an Assistant Professor of Business and teaches accounting courses in the BBA, MBA, and MSF programs at PLU. He is primarily interested in cross-cultural behavioral accounting research. Specifically, he has a series of working papers on relevant accounting topics such as the interpretation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by accountants in culturally different countries, impact of culture on Balanced Scorecard adoption in companies, and mediating role of emotional intelligence in the auditor-client negotiations.

He is also an advisor to the Beta Alpha Psi chapter and a Campus Advocate for CMA (Certified Management Accountant) program at PLU. Prior to joining PLU, he taught a variety of accounting courses at the University of Texas at El Paso and received an award for excellence in undergraduate instruction. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at El Paso; an MBA from Pepperdine University; and Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) degree from the University of Delhi, India. He also holds CMA designation from the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

He lives in Tacoma and enjoys playing tennis and hiking.

Tim Mooney

Tim Mooney is an Assistant Professor of Finance and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on corporate finance, entrepreneurship and portfolio management. Prior to joining PLU, he received teaching awards as an instructor for both finance and economics courses at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he earned his Ph.D. Dr. Mooney’s research interests currently center on the relationship between mutual funds and their investment bank affiliates, and how affiliated funds and banks may interact with one another. He has presented his research at academic conferences throughout the U.S. and has been invited to present internationally as well. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Mooney was an Assistant Vice President at Deutsche Bank AG, working in the firm’s asset-management division.